Mashed Spinach

Mashed Green or Keerai Masiyal/Kadaithal in Tamil is one of our favorite recipes at our home. My MIL often makes a mashed green called ‘Kattu Keerai’ which is available only in Coimbatore. It gives a unique taste with hot rice melted with ghee. She uses earthen pot and ‘mathu’ for mashing the greens.

Spinach is a fast growing green grows in cool weather. Once it harvested it grows again called ‘Cut and Come’. Spinach is high in Vitamain A, C, E and K and low in fat.

Today I have prepared my Mother – In Law’s Keerai Kadaithal recipe with Spinach. The Spinach which I used is a fully organic one which was grown in my garden. Me and my Hubby love gardening!!!


  • Spinach – 300 gm
  • Green Chillies -1 or 2
  • Shallots/Small Onion – 5 peeled
  • Coconut Oil – for seasoning
  • Salt to taste


  • Wash the spinach well and put it in a drainer.
  • Cook washed spinach and green chillies together in a medium flame about 5 min.
  • Do not add water as spinach leaves water.

  • Once cooked switch off the stove and allow the green to cool down.
  • In a separate pan add coconut oil and peeled shallots.
  • Fry until its get golden brown colour. Let it be cool.
  • In a mixie or blender, add the fried onion and cooked green together.
  • Add required salt and grind it into a smooth paste. Do not add water.

Serve hot with steamed rice and Appalam.


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