How to grow Mint at home

Mint/Pudhina is a vesatile herb that can easily grows in our home. It is a natural anti-microbial agent and breath freshener. Mint can be grown by taking a cutting from a pre existing mint plant.

No need to worry about the space for this herb to grow. We can grow it in a pot or in grow bags. Mint is a fast-spreading plant and is perfect for garden beginners.

I bought a bunch of Mint for making Biriyani. Then I selected a thick fresh stem.
I planted it in a big pot and our Mint grows well and we have 3 pots of mint at the moment.

Some of the tips to plant:

  • Use a 12-to-16-inch wide pot for one plant.
  • If you are buying a plant from nursery, buy Spearmint variety which is useful for cooking.
  • Fill the pot with potting mix/good soil. I use our own organic compost for all the plants which was prepared at our home.
  • Wet the soil by spraying water.
  • Plant the stem just below the soil. If planting more stems, plant them 6 inches apart.
  • Mint needs adequate sunlight. So if you keep your pot indoors make sure it gets enough sunlight.
  • Water it frequently and do not make the pot to dry.

Happy Growing!!!!

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